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Congratulations to the Top Three Students in the Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University for Spring 2024!

We are proud to recognize the outstanding achievements


Faculty of Engineering Level (1)


RankStudent NameGPA
1Maryam Mohamed Kamel Mohamed El-Biek3.74
2Youssef Osama Wilson Abdelmalak Youssef3.66
3Ahmed Yehia Saadeldin Mahmoud3.59



Faculty of Engineering Level (2)


RankStudent NameMajorGPA
1Amr Ayman Ali Ali El-GhazaliCivil Engineering3.25
2Shahd Medhat Abed Ashour MubarakCivil Engineering3.05
1Basmla Ahmed Ibrahim Suleiman DerghamArchitectural Engineering (General)3.13
1Fada Adel Hassan Wafa HassanElectrical Engineering (General)3.76
2Rehab Wael Mahmoud Hussein HassonaElectrical Engineering (General)3.65
3AbuBakr Ayman Hassan Mohamed Salem SweilemElectrical Engineering (General)3.45
1Ateia Abdelraouf Farouk Ateya IbrahimMechanical Engineering (General)3.20
2Ahmed Saleh El Sayed Mohamed El GezawyMechanical Engineering (General)3.05



Faculty of Engineering Level (3)


RankStudent NameMajorGPA
1Ahmed Saeed Mahmoud Shaaban EidCivil Engineering3.34
2Karim Yehia Ali KouinahCivil Engineering3.18
3Belal Ahmed Suleiman Sobhi AwadCivil Engineering3.13
1Basant Youssef Mossad Moussa AudaElectrical Engineering (General)3.92
2Abdelrahman Wael Moussa Geith MoslemElectrical Engineering (General)3.81
3Mahmoud Adel Abdel Samea AhmedElectrical Engineering (General)3.50
1Toka Ehab Mohamed Ali Abdo ThabetMechanical Engineering (General)3.52
2Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim MomenMechanical Engineering (General)3.01
1Ahmed El Sayed Aboul Ela SalehPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.22
2Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Hamid El DannenPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.10
3Mohamed Abdo Anwar Abdo AteyaPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.08
1Moamen Mohamed Hosny Ibrahim BayoumiMechatronics Engineering3.00



Faculty of Engineering Level (4)


RankStudent NameMajorGPA
1Mostafa Reda Abdel Moneim Abdel HamidCivil Engineering3.47
2Eid Tawfik Eid Noufal SalemCivil Engineering3.46
3Abdallah Osama Abdel Kareem Mohamed El SayedCivil Engineering3.26
1Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah Nafea YaqoubArchitecture and Interior Design3.33
2Khaled Mohamed Mahmoud Mohna AhmedArchitecture and Interior Design3.07
1Esraa Fares Sultan AbbasPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.46
2Salah Raafat Shaaban MataweaPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.20
1Nada Ahmed Saleh Ashour SalehElectronics and Communications Engineering3.34
2Al Hasna Mohamed Ali Saleh Ahmed El NaggarElectronics and Communications Engineering3.13
1Mostafa Abdel Hamid Mostafa JahinMechatronics Engineering3.46
2Moaz Mohsen Awad Awad MoussaMechatronics Engineering3.23
3Fares Ahmed Fares MohamedMechatronics Engineering3.05


Faculty of Engineering Level (5)


RankStudent NameMajorGPA
1Hossam Ibrahim Metwally IbrahimCivil Engineering3.59
2Mohamed Ahmed Noshi Mahdi Mohamed Abou ShanabCivil Engineering3.48
3Islam Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed SuleimanCivil Engineering3.48
1Dina El Hady Mohamed El SadawiArchitecture and Interior Design3.35
2Mohamed Nagah Ibrahim El Sayed BashaArchitecture and Interior Design3.07
1Mohamed Ali Saber SalmanPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.45
2Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Hady El SayedPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.26
3Mayar Mounir Mohamed Abou El AlaPower and Electrical Machines Engineering3.24
1Wissam Bashir Mohamed Abdel Fattah AliElectronics and Communications Engineering3.62
2Islam Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed AliElectronics and Communications Engineering3.54
3Zeyad Mohamed Mokhtar Mohamed El AshryElectronics and Communications Engineering3.10
1Mahmoud Hussein Ali El Sayed AbouramahMechanical Power Engineering3.44
1Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Mansour El MarsiMechatronics Engineering3.53
2Mohamed Momtaz Mohamed Abdel Hamid AlybahMechatronics Engineering3.31
3Abdelrahman Mohamed Khairat AbdelmohsenMechatronics Engineering3.06


Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off.

Keep striving for excellence!