Kantara Undergraduate Program

Mass Communication


Faculty of Mass Communication, Kantara at Sinai University, focuses on contemporary media in all its forms. Driven by creativity and curiosity, the Faculty studies the processes and effects of mass communication; nature, and the social role of the various media; their structure, function, and ethics; and their impact on culture and society.

In this context, it considers not only the widely known studies of broadcast Journalism, but also the game studies, and the Social and Interactive media studies fields. Students are trained as social scientists and anthropologists who should study the media in its relationship to their society and the other academic disciplines. The Faculty combines theory and practice, which fosters the students’ work and research opportunities.

There is a mission ahead of us that we must achieve, which is getting to the farthest point possible in the process of achievement within the next few years. And that won’t happen unless we follow a strategy that is based on the advanced teaching & training skills, the scientific methodology in research, and the technical performance in administration. And before all this, we need to develop the skills of our teaching staff and administrators for the sake of graduating students with higher scientific, skillful, and behavioral standards.

By keeping these sincere hopes in mind, we acknowledge all the efforts & the great interest of Sinai University’s administration.

Dr. Al-Amira Samah Saleh

Associate Professor & Acting Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication


Department Staff

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The faculty of Mass Communication looks forward to being an addition in its field among other public and private media schools in Egypt and the Arab world. It tends to ensure a level of education that guarantees its graduates an international presence.



The mission of the undergraduate programs in Mass Communication is to expose students to a broad-based understanding of communication theory, skills, and research. Students in this major are expected to become familiar with the fundamental concerns, theoretical approaches, and methods of the field, and to acquire advanced knowledge in one or more sub-areas of the discipline.


Department of print and electronic journalism.


Department of Radio and T.V


Department of Public Relations and Advertising.





  •  Radio and Television
  • Print and electronic Journalism
  • Public Relations and Advertising



Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with concentration in:
• Radio & Television
• Print & Electronic Journalism
• Public Relations and Advertising



The Faculty of Mass Communication is fully equipped with only the best facilities for our students experience the real life roles and protocols of all media positions. Plus, this department is in partnership with the Mehwar Channel. The department of Mass Communication has 2 TV studios, 2 news studios, 5 control rooms, and one iMac lab.


Mass communication faculty provides a wide range of activities to their students and a latest 400-meter broadcasting studio fully equipped with up to date airing and editing equipment. In addition, mass communication students practice their courses by covering Sinai events and through partnership with El Mehwar TV channel.


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