Kantara Undergraduate Program

Information Technology & Computer Science


The world is now experiencing tremendous technological developments in all areas and aspects of life through the effects of the communications and information technology revolution, that have not been witnessed by the world before. The computers represent the beating heart of this revolution, and the communications means occupies its arteries and nerves that permits the flow of information with very high speeds.

Therefore, Sinai University has been keen to have among its priorities the establishment of the faculty of information technology and computer science in the Kantara branch. The objective is to qualify specialized technical cadres from its graduates to participate in contributing to this rapid development.  This objective is achieved by providing experts in all areas of information technology, computer science, information systems, decision-making support, electronic commerce and the other emerged technological specializations.

The Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science at Sinai University seeks to raise the level and efficiency of its graduates to meet the changing needs of the labor market locally and globally. This is achieved through the application of clear educational policies in order to develop the students’ skills. Among these policies, the application of practical ideas and research projects, a continuous improvement of the educational curricula, attract distinguished faculty staff, and establish an educational environment that helps the student to be innovative and creative.

Yasser H. Dakroury

Dean. Faculty of Information Technology & Computer Science

Department Staff

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The Faculty of Pharmacy educates pharmacy practitioners to meet the pharmaceutical care needs of the community. The Faculty is committed to improving human health through the development of new drugs, optimization of drug use, and improvement of pharmaceutical services. It is also committed to advancing pharmaceutical technology to strengthen Egypt economy.

To be a first-class academic institute, providing excellence and innovation in teaching, research and service to our immediate community.






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Providing an environment that enhances creativity, innovation, and knowledge creation educating the next generation of IT professionals and leaders who contribute to the digital transformation and the economic prosperity of the Egyptian society.

Achieving a world class excellence in education, learning, and research in the fields of information technology, computer science, and software engineering.

– Computer Science and Software Engineering
– Information and Decision Support Systems
– Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Computer Science with concentration in:
• Computer Science & Software Engineering
• Information & Decision Support Systems
• Information Technology

Computer Labs.: 98 PCs.

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The Idea of Physical Therapy by Dr. Hafez Mohamed Shawky Dr. Hafez Mohamed Shawky held a meeting with our students introducing them to healthcare quality and presented the idea of the physical therapy profession.As a token of appreciation, Dr. Gihan Fekry, Vice President of Sinai University’s Kantara Campus, presented Dr. Hafez with an award.
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