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As the technology and market forces male the global economy profoundly competitive, business education needs to be rigorous and bold. New ideas new products and new economies demand. New insights tools and responses.

Our primary objective is to understand the characteristics of the business knowledge and to offer a quality education to students which makes the difference in their academic life.

To do that. We developed a curriculum plan that provides our students with the necessary skills to meet the latest international standards Moreover. Our academic team does not only possess adequate academic track but, also have numerous experience in many business discipline: entrepreneurship. Economics. Finance. Marketing, and several business related fields, such as, mathematics. Statistics. And commercial law with extensive international experience in teaching. Training and consultations.

Accordingly, we promise our students that, they will receive the knowledge research insights and personal effectiveness skills to meet the needs of business professionals at critical ages of their careers.

Finally, we believe that our innovative philosophy will allow or students to increase their future personal successes, looking forward to meet our students, parents, faculty and colleagues to discuss our above goals.


Prof. Ahmed Abd Allah Abaza

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

Department Staff

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Strategic goals




The faculty aims to be a scientific and research beacon in the modern business environment (community) based on digital transformation technology and applications in business administration to cope with labor market variables.


Preparing graduate able to compete in the national and regional labor market from special (distinguished) educational and research environment in business administration to support his abilities for professional creativity (innovation) to achieve sustainable (permanent) development.

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Investment

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in:
• Management
• Accounting
• Marketing
• Finance & Investment

Ultimately, business administration benefits are more than we can count! Obtaining such a degree will give students limitless possibilities in the business area and contribute to their overall job satisfaction. Moreover, students will also get the chance to develop their own business while still doing what they like and they have studied for.

The University provides the top-rated physical facilities in Egypt to enhance the students’ experience during their time at the university.

Highly equipped modern computers and language tabs, in addition to a state of the art educational library, while every student have his own academic advisor to plan and monitor his educational ladder.


1- Preparing a qualified graduate for competition and excellence in various fields of traditional and advanced business administration.

2- Updating the capabilities and skills of faculty members and the supporting staff in the various specializations of the college.

3- Increasing interest in scientific research in accordance with the needs of the labor market and Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2030.

4- Developing educational policies (self- learning), programs and courses to focus on the knowledge, skills and application aspects.

5 – Continuous communication with the graduates of the college to constantly update their scientific and professional competence through holding meetings and periodic bulletins.

6- Providing a stimulating infrastructure to help implement digital transformation.

7- Permanent improvement of the educational environment in accordance with quality standards.

8- Trying to maximize the role of the faculty participation in community service in various fields.

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