Arish Branch


The Arish Branch Library at Sinai University is a vibrant hub of knowledge with an impressive collection of 11,672 books, catering to the diverse academic needs of its students. The library serves as an essential resource center, supporting students across various disciplines and providing a wide range of materials to facilitate their learning journey.

With its extensive book collection, the Arish Branch Library empowers students to explore different subjects, delve deeper into their fields of study, and expand their intellectual horizons. Whether students are pursuing dentistry, mass communication, information technology & computer science, or any other discipline, the library ensures that a plethora of relevant resources are readily accessible to foster academic growth and promote independent learning.

The Arish Branch Library also provides a welcoming and conducive environment for studying. It offers comfortable seating areas and study carrels to facilitate focused learning and research. Knowledgeable librarians are on hand to assist students in locating relevant materials, navigating databases, and answering research-related queries. Furthermore, the library organizes workshops and training sessions to enhance students’ information literacy skills, empowering them to become effective researchers and critical thinkers.

The Arish Branch Library at Sinai University plays a pivotal role in nurturing the intellectual growth and academic success of its students. It serves as a vital platform for knowledge acquisition, research, and exploration, ensuring that students have the necessary tools and resources to excel in their academic pursuits.