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Committed to the pursuit of excellence in dental education, scientific research, patient care and community services. The faculty of dentistry affirms its mission to develop and train competent dentists who are committed to provide quality care for dental patients according to the international standards, in line with the needs and goals of the nation. Therefore, the college offers an outstanding dental education program that uses advanced techniques to teach, and practice dentistry.

The faculty of dentistry in kantara Branch at the University of Sinai currently offers a bachelor’s degree in Dental Medicine and Surgery in 5 years followed by a full year of training in an internship program.

Our program has been prepared based on the most advanced research finding in the field of dentistry education and focusing on the local community needs.   


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry 

 Prof. Randa Hafez       

Department Staff

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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Dentistry- Sinai University- Kantara Branch has achieved a distinguished position in the region, as it was realized since its inception the necessity of preparing a professional graduate able to compete locally and regionally.

The faculty sought to improve the quality of academic programs to include recent fields to optimize the options for students and prepare them for the developments required by the labor market.

The faculty is also aware of the importance of scientific research as one of the basic pillars of knowledge and has laid down the foundation for advanced scientific research, which contributes to the sustainable development of society.

Digital transformation is considered a timely feature in the field of education and knowledge, which contributes to transforming the faculty into the fourth generation of educational institutions. The Faculty of Dentistry has successfully implemented distance education during the Corona pandemic and hybrid education afterward.


The duration of study at the faculty is five years. At the end of the period, the graduate obtains a Bachelor degree of dental medicine and surgery



Faculty Vision

To be academically accredited faculty and pioneer in the field of dentistry, scientifically as well as research, and community wise at the national and regional levels.

Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Dentistry – Sinai University is committed to graduating dentists in accordance with the national academic reference standards who can compete in the national and regional local markets, perform innovative scientific research within the frame of the ethical and professional values, and provided excellent communal services.

Strategic Objectives

First goal: achieving excellence in education and training in the dental sector
  1. Developing programs and curricula in accordance with quality standards and labor market requirements.
  2. Developing teaching, learning, evaluation, and training strategies for college programs.
  3. Obtaining accreditation from the National Authority for Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
Second goal: strengthening the college’s role in serving the community and developing the environment in order to achieve sustainable development
  1. Raising the efficiency of clinics and service units in the college.
  2. Expanding the college’s services to serve the community and develop the environment.
  3. Expanding partnerships with civil society sectors and various relevant institutions.
  4. Opening communication channels with graduates.
Third goal: developing the work environment and enhancing the competencies of the college’s human cadres
  1. Developing the organizational and administrative structure to suit the size and nature of the college’s activities and the services it provides.
  2. Creating effective mechanisms to deal with the shortage of human resources.
  3. Establishing and activating objective standards for evaluating performance, and activating accountability and accountability systems.
  4. Raising the job satisfaction rate among faculty members, the supporting staff, and the administrative staff.
  5. Developing the competencies of the teaching staff, the supporting staff, and the administrative staff.
Fourth goal: improving the infrastructure and technology supporting the teaching and learning processes at the college
  1. Supporting infrastructure and facilities to ensure their operational efficiency and applying security and safety standards.
  2. Raising the operational efficiency of the college library to support its role in the teaching and learning process.
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of the college’s website.
Fifth goal: developing the college’s scientific research system to achieve Egypt’s vision 2030
  1. Preparing the college’s research plan in light of community problems and sustainable development plans.
  2. Developing the competencies of researchers in the fields of dentistry.
  3. Preparing and activating mechanisms to motivate researchers.
  4. Developing the college’s scientific journal and raising its impact factor.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Science in Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery


All the faculty clinics are climate-controlled and fully equipped with state-of-the-art projectors and radiology units. The department of Dentistry contains a production lab, an X-ray lab, 2 dummy head labs, 2 dental simulation labs, and 5 dental clinics.

Practical side in dentistry faculty is one of the edges and benefits to our students. The fully equipped dental clinics serve more than 1K patients yearly that gives the students an edge in the practical side and accomplish CSR goals in Kantara regions.

معايير اختيار القيادات الأكاديمية و الإدارية و القيادات المحتملة

آلية الكلية لضمان توافق تخصص أعضاء هيئة التدريس مع المقررات الدراسية

آلية قياس الرضا الوظيفى لاعضاء هيئة التدريس والهيئة المعاونة – اصدار 2021

آلية توزيع عبء العمل على أعضاء هيئة التدريس والهيئة المعاونة – اصدار 2021

آلية تقييم اداء اعضاء هيئة التدريس والهيئة المعاونة

آلية التعامل مع العجز والفائض فى أعضاء هيئة التدريس والهيئة المعاونة

معايير تقييم اداء الجهاز الاداري

الية سد العجز

الية تقييم اداء

الية الاحتياجات التدريبية جهاز اداري

استبيان تقييم اداء اعضاء الجهاز الاداري

استبيان استطلاع راي الجهاز الاداري

الخطة الاستراتيجية

الغايات والأهداف الاستراتيجية

دليل ميثاق أخلاقيات مهنة طب الأسنان وادابها

الخطة البحثية2020-2025

معايير اختيار القيادات

وثيقة القيم الجوهرية وأخلاقيات المهنة

معايير اختيار القيادات المحتملة

الية حماية حقوق الملكية الفكرية

آلية الشكاوى والمقترحات

التوصيف الوظيفى للوظائف الأكاديمية

التوصيف الوظيفى للجهاز الادارى

الية توزيع عبء العمل على أعضاء هيئة التدريس والهيئة المعاونة – اصدار 2023

استراتيجية التدريس والتعلم

الهيكل التنظيمي لكلية طب الأسنان

دليل الارشاد الاكاديمى

آلية دمج ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة

آلية الإرشاد الأكاديمي

آلية جذب الطلاب الوافدين

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