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Sinai University collaborates with Speak Up Egypt institute to improve the English language skills of our students. The level 1 of English language is given for two hours a week and it also applies to level 2 students. The English language program with the institute teaches our students English in the most natural way through a full English-language immersion experience throughout the course.


Speak Up

It is one of the largest language school networks in Europe, owned by the International Investment Group, Penta Investments. They have been listed in the prestigious ranking book, where they ranked first in the category of courses offered and number of attending students. Eurisko Learning and Consulting Group (ELC) established a partnership with Speak Up Egypt to achieve its vision of becoming a leading brand in the language training market in Egypt. With years of experience in Egypt, Eurisko focuses on providing effective and comprehensive educational solutions to students. Their rapid growth rate and increasing market share are evidence of their success.

Their success in the Egyptian market is based on five main elements: •The global success of the unique methodology of Speak Up, which provides learners with a training program that suits their schedules and individual goals. •The global experience of LSG along with Eurisko’s experience in Egypt and the expansion of their branch network. •Employing the best trainers and providing them with the required training and teaching guidance. •Focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality service. •Providing the best value for customers’ money, both individuals and companies.

The first level of English language is given during the week for two hours, which also applies to students in level 2. The English language program with the institute teaches our students English in the most natural way through a full English language environment throughout the course.


Direct English supports an international network of exclusive franchise partners from their headquarters in the United Kingdom. Their program enables students to learn at their own pace and adapt to achieve specific language goals.

Direct English is a leading company in providing language training that has helped thousands of adults around the world to learn English, as it has become the international language for business and communication, with over 1.5 billion speakers in 94 regions.