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Graduation of MoJo Pioneers in Zaitoon Project

Celebrating the Graduation of MoJo Pioneers in Zaitoon Project, where individuals have not only gained knowledge but have also harnessed the power of storytelling to be catalysts of change.
In a landmark collaboration, the Mass Communication Faculty in Kantara (MCK), in partnership with the U.S. Embassy and the Amideast, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative. The MOJO program was designed not only to empower but also to equip individuals in the Sinai area with the skills and tools of Mobile Journalism.
Throughout 10 intensive training weeks, our graduates have explored the dynamic realm of Mobile Journalism. From the significance of MoJo in modern journalism to the practicalities of ethical AI storytelling, they’ve covered it all. They’ve even delved into AI integration and the pivotal role of fact-checking in today’s media landscape.
Our heartfelt thanks extend to the Dean of Mass Communication Faculty in Kantara, Prof. Alamira Samah Farag, the U.S. Embassy, Amideast, and Sinai University for their unwavering support. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to fostering a new generation of journalists while illuminating paths to positive change in Sinai.
With newfound skills and an unwavering commitment to truth, our graduates are now prepared to amplify the voices of the unheard. Their stories will illuminate the challenges faced by the region and spotlight innovative solutions.
Follow us for updates on our diverse training programs as we continue to make a difference and join us in celebrating these outstanding achievements and in looking forward to the bright future of Mobile Journalism!