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Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University. We are pleased to have you visiting our website where you will find helpful information about students, faculty, staff members, graduates, and industry partners. Under the guidance of the university council, the faculty provides an environment of learning through the applied courses. Our major goal is to provide a high-level technical workforce for the future. Our programs offer a balance of practical skills, solid theory, and the use of computer technology, which allows you to obtain the new knowledge and skills required to help you seek a job. Another important goal of our programs is helping you to become an independent learner. By the time you take your graduation project in the fifth year, you will be expected to manage your time and use all the knowledge you acquired in the previous years. In addition to our academic study, we have several social and sport activities. Our students receive advising support from the faculty members and through the academic advising programs supported by the university administration and guided by the unifying principles of learning, discovery, and community needs. If you are interested in receiving general information about the faculty, email the Dean’s office and we will send you a brochure. We hope that you have enjoyed visiting our website. We appreciate your comments on our website.

Professor. Dr.  Mohammed Abd Elsalam

Dean. Faculty of Engineering

Department Staff

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The faculty of engineering looks for its mission as a heaven reward to the land of Sinai and its inhabitants based on three main alliances: Teaching and Learning, Academic Research, and Community Services

Our excellent staff members are qualified to interact and participate with the students not only in the scientific system, but also in numerous activities in the university. The faculty of engineering has almost the most popular engineering branches supported by modern and sophisticated laboratories to prepare the graduates for effective and convenient conditions. All faculty members are staying fully in the campus during and after the working days to be available to the students at any time, day or night. The excellent healthy location and beautiful landscape in and all around the campus. Fully accurate inspection and control of all the student’s affairs. A lot of after lessons activities to strengthen the relation among the students of different faculties in Sinai University. The faculty of engineering adopts the open doors system such that the students can meet directly any of the responsible personals in the college.

To be the leading educational faculty in engineering and its applications and the attractions in altering Sinai’s economic, social and political situation; pioneering in presenting the highest quality in teaching, learning and academic research that has a true influence in Sinai community service.







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